Creation and Manifestation

The Creative Process

It has become popular to think that our thoughts determine our life. That what we think is what we can manifest. The thinking level is not where the intelligence and power of the universe lies. It is actually a mid-point in the creative process.

Everything is consciousness. Spirit, mind and matter are all consciousness vibrating at different frequencies, matter being a slower vibration than spirit. Consciousness has two aspects; intelligence and power.

How does universal consciousness create? The intelligence of Universal Consciousness uses its power and vibrates itself into denser forms. This is done through its principles of knowing, intention and will. These are the principles of conscious creation.

Universal, pure unmanifested consciousness, God, manifests itself into the relative world of energy and matter through vibration. As consciousness vibrates it becomes light and sound. As it vibrates more slowly it becomes denser and becomes relative energy and the mind. And as it vibrates more slowly still, it becomes matter. This is the process of the absolute becoming the relative world. Universal consciousness is simply solidifying itself into light, energy and matter, while remaining consciousness. Universal intelligence is being consciously creative through its intention and will to manifest.

How do we as human beings manifest and create? As individual human beings most of us remain disconnected and separate from the source of our pure universal intelligence and power. Our unresolved emotional content has cut us off from the full use of our unlimited intelligence and power. We have become limited, separate beings, using about 10% of the power and intelligence. More than 95% of our thinking happens as a reaction to the senses, ego or outer events. Very little of our mental thought process is taken up with the actual act of conscious creation, of using pure intention and will. We simply live our lives in reaction to all that happens around us. As a result, we live our lives creating thoughts that have very limited creative power. By default, we create weak, reactive thoughts and create vibrations that tend to be chaotic and in resistance. We spend most of our mental energy in old mental reactive habits. The ultimate source of all the mental chaos, lack and limitation is unresolved emotional content causing us to remain in separation from our universal state of unity and our full power and intelligence. Separation lies at the root of all problems, lack and suffering. Unresolved emotional content (negative samskaras or impressions) is the main cause of separation.

The effect of living in separation is that we live in identification, personalization and resistance. We identify ourselves as our body, thoughts and emotions. We lose awareness of the Self, the “I”, the pure awareness that we truly are, and we identify as the thoughts we are thinking. Then we personalize everything that people and society think and say and judge ourselves unworthy. Then we resist ‘what is’ and live in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction, grasping at what we want and pushing away what we don’t want. In effect, we suffer and live in struggle, lack and limitation. We believe we have control.

Living in this way, cut off from our unlimited power and intelligence, we create a chaotic, weak thought and are unable to manifest that thought fully. We reap the results by attracting a similar weak, limited, chaotic response from the universe.

Intelligence and power manifest differently on different levels of creation. At finer, more subtle levels of creation there is infinitely more power. The atomic energy level will have more power than the surface gross level of matter. The consciousness, light and sound levels of creation will have more power than the atomic level. A person operating on the level of unity with universal consciousness, the subtlest level, has infinite power and can manifest whatever is desired with a simple thought. A universe can be manifested with a single thought on this level.

There is always intelligence and power in every vibration; thought, word, action and matter. It is always in unity with all that exists, because everything is universal consciousness. On the surface, gross level, we see law as operational and functional. But on a deeper, more subtle level, law, including the law of attraction, is the intelligence and power of universal creative intelligence manifesting intention and will.

Ultimately, all that happens and all that is created arises from the intention and will of Universal Consciousness. Choice, on a personal, individual level of the egoic self is illusory and only appears as choice because we remain in separation, not realizing that we are Universal Consciousness. All that happens is the intention and will of this intelligence and power, which is who we are. Because most of us live in separation from universal consciousness, we feel we have free choice. When we unite with our natural state of unbounded awareness we realize that our will and intention is one with universal will and intention.

The Divine Creating

Creation and Manifestation

In reality universal consciousness, at the beginning of time, has a pre-existing timeline where everything is laid out to completion. Our egoic self thinks we have the ability to alter this plan and we hold the illusion that we have control and separate free will. We do have will and intention, but it is that of universal consciousness. We find that freedom lies in surrender and trust and alignment with ‘what is’, because ‘what is’ is the will and intention of universal consciousness. When we align with this intention, this will, this plan, then there are no obstacles to receiving. Alignment allows creation to occur through us. Alignment – connection to universal consciousness – allows us to bring something from the un-manifest state into manifestation, which is already existing in the mind of universal consciousness.

Human beings, in the state of separation, don’t actually create. We are simply conduits that universal consciousness uses to make creation happen. God acts through us. God is us. God acts as us. Conscious creation is actually the result of conscious alignment with universal consciousness. This process of creation is universal consciousness flowing inspiration, intelligence and power through us.

Creation is universal consciousness forming an intention and willing it to be manifest. ‘Intention’ is choosing a purpose, direction and outcome. ‘Willing’ is moving power into action, into materialization, into creation. What we are doing is creating a vibration of intelligence and power, focusing intelligence, and using our power to manifest it. This is creating intention and willing it to manifest.

So in discussing us creating, in discussing us having intention and will, we are referring to the one and only intelligence and power that is in existence, God/Self, and our alignment with it.

Manifestation or creation can happen through actual creation out of our own intelligence and power or it can be brought together, formed, through the law of attraction. There is a difference between conscious creation and the law of attraction. In the law of attraction the thought we have just created, in the unity of all that is, vibrationally activates all that is (the universe) to cause its vibration to bring together all that is vibrationally like it and manifest that thought into concrete reality by attracting it. It is stimulating all that is, by its intention and through will, bringing to itself what is necessary to create its intention. This is bringing what exists together to create a circumstance. It is like vibration attracting like vibration.

Creation and Attraction

Creation and Manifestation

All of creation is made from the one consciousness and it always exists within the one consciousness, it always remains the one consciousness and dissolves back into the one consciousness. Conscious creation activates the law of attraction but it goes beyond it in that it has the power to bring into existence something new. It is literally taking the intelligence and power of the universe and creating something within itself, of itself. This is different from attracting something.

Both methods have validity. Attraction of like vibration has validity and our ability to create has validity. So all that is, all intelligence and power, attracts or creates, inspires or discovers, invents or evolves, using whatever process is required, to manifest. There is one unified field of consciousness and every thought that is created in this field affects the entire field and creates and attracts through knowing, intention and will.

The success of both attraction and creation depend upon connection and alignment. If we are filled with unresolved emotional content, that content will cut us off from our intelligence and power. That will cause our ability to create to be very limited and it will also create weak, unfocused and chaotic thinking which will disallow attraction to be strong.

Always the success of manifesting something new or attracting something already in existence depends upon alignment. Alignment is unity with universal intelligence and power which is the will of God.

Because universal consciousness always uses the path of least resistance and always is creative in nature, intelligence will always be attracting similar intelligence through its knowing, intention and will. Universal consciousness is choosing its intention and acting to manifest its choice by focusing its intelligence and power into manifestation, all within itself, as all that is. What we call law of attraction and what we experience as automatic or attracting, is actually God’s intelligence and power creating. The law of attraction is conscious creation through the principles of knowing, intention and will. At the deepest level, the law of attraction is one aspect of universal consciousness consciously creating.

In the subtlest, deepest, most profound realm of existence, the principles of knowing, intention and will operate. Universal consciousness simply knows it is all powerful, knows what it intends to become, and wills it to happen. Knowing, intention and will activate its own power and create what is desired.

Many years ago my teacher was traveling to central California in a private plane. There was a dense fog bank covering the small airport and the pilot told my teacher that they would have to divert the plane to another airport in order to land, as visibility was zero. My teacher simply said, “land here”. Immediately the fog parted and a circle of complete clarity surrounded the airport. As soon as the plane landed the fog closed back in. The point is that when you become the weather, you can alter the weather. When you are in alignment, in unity, one with universal consciousness, you become that creative force. You become the thing itself because you and all things are universal consciousness and you hold unlimited intelligence and power. God’s will has become your will.

Another time my teacher was with one of his advanced disciples and they came upon a dead tree. The disciple raised his hand and fresh green leaves appeared all over the tree. My teacher glanced at the tree and all the leaves turned brown and fell off the tree. The disciple repeated his miracle and again my teacher glanced at the tree and again the leaves fell. My teacher explained to the disciple that the tree’s time to live was over.

The principles of knowing, intention and will operate on the subtlest levels of creation and if we are operating in connection to our full intelligence and power, all of nature obeys us. A disciple, many years later, described my teacher as the laws of nature speaking English.

Fundamental Aspects of Creating

Creation and Manifestation

In the initial manifestation of universal consciousness into relative existence, five basic aspects of universal creative intelligence express: bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being. Bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being are the initial relative nature of the intelligence and power of universal consciousness. All of the laws of the universe proceed from these basic aspects as the ways and means bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being expand. All intention and desire arise out of these aspects.

In us bliss is experienced as the desire or wish to experience happiness. Peace is experienced as the attraction to the silent ocean of love. Fulfilment is experienced as the experience as the desire to know you are the power and intelligence of God. Abundance is experienced as the desire to experience spiritual, mental and physical fullness. Well-being is experienced as the desire to experience ourselves and all beings in our highest and best possible state, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. These are our fundamental desires because we are universal consciousness, and bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being are the core aspects of our nature.

The universe also operates through the path of least resistance. The principles of knowing, intention and will operate through this path of least resistance. The principles of knowing, intention and will take the path with the greatest ease and efficiency. The vibration of intelligent consciousness will attract all that is in its intention or desire. If that which we desire doesn’t currently exist in its perfect form then the intelligence and power will simply create or evolve that which is desired. It will expand creation. We have a desire to end a disease and a new drug is created. We have a desire to fly and an airplane is invented. A marine animal has a desire to walk on land and it evolves, through time, air breathing lungs and feet. A business owner sees an opportunity for expansion in a certain field and creates a new, more efficient product or method. All intelligence and power will be utilized, within itself, to attract and create what is in intention.

The unfolding of Creation

Creation and Manifestation

Creation first and foremost proceeds from the principles of knowing, intention and will. It is the intelligence and power of consciousness that creates. It has these two main means at its disposal; attracting what exists or creating what it wants to exist but doesn’t yet exist. These appear different but, in their most basic, subtle forms, they are the same creative process. They are both intelligence and power willing; moving intention into manifestation.

The basis of creating the life we desire is having our full intelligence and power available to us so the fundamental principles of knowing, intention and will can operate in their fullness, through the path of least resistance. This is alignment with who we are, universal consciousness.

Knowing includes 1) knowing what we want to create is the most appropriate and for the highest good, proceeding from our nature of bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being, 2) knowing that we are the unlimited power and intelligence of the universe with the ability to create or attract what we desire, 3) knowing that we are all that exists in this eternally changing play of consciousness, and 4) knowing that there is total interconnectedness and no separation. Knowing isn’t just a vague thought that this might be true. Knowing is having both the experience and understanding of reality. It is the realization of unity. Knowing, in its simplest form, is experiencing complete knowledge of our Self as universal consciousness, with all its intelligence and power.

Intention is the purpose, direction, and outcome universal consciousness selects in order to accomplish its goal of becoming more; more bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being. Intention includes both specific and general desires. For universal consciousness, desire is the wish to expand and become more for the joy of it. Intention and desire are universal consciousness selecting a focus. It is at this level that intuition exists. Intuition is universal intelligence bringing forth understanding that holds knowledge of how purpose, direction and outcomes can bring about expansion. It is through intuition that inspiration arises.

Will is the power of conscious and deliberate action with the purpose of moving intelligence and power into creation. Will is the power of consciousness deliberately clarifying and selecting an action that will manifest an intention, and using its intelligence and power to create the result. Will is creating, acting, manifesting, so the intention for bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being can express itself fully, for the expansion of joy. Will, in its simplest form, is our Self manifesting intention into manifestation. Will is using our power to move our consciousness into expression; creating.

Knowing is knowledge of the Self, intention is choosing, and will is acting. Knowing is connection to the intelligence and power of God/Self. Intention is alignment with the purpose of God/Self. Will is the vibration. These are the principles of conscious creation. These principles, these expressions of intelligence and power, appear as the laws of nature. Law proceeds from the nature of universal consciousness. The nature of consciousness is bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being and its nature is to expand. We call the operational or functional methods that consciousness uses the laws of nature. It is the intelligence and power of universal consciousness moving in functional methods of least resistance to expand bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being within itself through universal intention and will. Choosing and acting requires ways of operating, to accomplish all things along a path of least resistance. Universal consciousness has attributes and aspects, and law emerges in a form consistent with these attributes. Creating, attracting and law are the intelligence and power of the universe knowing, intending and willing.

We can use the law of attraction to attract what we desire to us, or, in a karmic sense, we can create thoughts and actions that will cause similar thoughts and actions to return and act upon us. The true creative power of the universe lies in knowing that we are the intelligence and power of universal consciousness, and that we can clarify and act, intend and will, any desire into manifestation. The principles of knowing, intention and will are true conscious creation. It is us realizing our universal status and using the same process to create that universal consciousness uses; knowing, intending and acting. But we are not actually creating in the sense most people think of creating. We are aligning with universal consciousness and allowing the bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being that is our nature to expand through us.

Using the principles of knowing, intention and will to create is the basis of powerful, deliberate creation. Using more intelligence and power through the removal of the illusion of separation restores our ability to manifest more powerfully and appropriately. Removing separation, being in connection to our unlimited power and intelligence and resolving unresolved emotional content is the path to manifest the life we desire.

In the human being, the process of manifestation is identical to the process that universal consciousness uses to manifest. This is because the individual human being is universal consciousness. There is only universal consciousness and so the creative process in a human being is simply universal consciousness continuing to expand and create and manifest as and through a human being. The principles of knowing, intention and will function within each individual. As human beings we activate our intelligence and power through the principles of knowing, intention and will. But for most of us, we have very little conscious connection to the finest relative level within us and are basically unconscious of the process of knowing, intention and will. Separation and lack of consciousness around our own creative process drastically limits the intelligence and power that flows through each thought we create. This is the main limitation in our life. This is the basis of lack in our life. We are basically disconnected to and non-aligned with our intelligence and power. This is separation. We have limited understanding of our Self; the intelligence and power of the universe.

Expansion of consciousness, raising vibrational frequency and dealing with unresolved emotional content boil down to the same thing. We are talking about removing this separation and disconnection to who we are. Our goal is knowing the Self, universal consciousness. This is alignment, realization and unity.

On a practical level, we want to live a life filled with bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being. We desire to reconnect with who we are, to be the person we know we are. We want to manifest all of our desires and live in the expanding joy of a creative life. This is why universal consciousness created itself into us and this entire universe. This is the reason for the play of consciousness.

In the simplest terms, knowing is knowledge that we are universal consciousness, with unlimited intelligence and power. Intention is choosing to expand bliss, abundance and well-being. Will is acting to move our intention into creation through our power. Exercising the principles of knowing, intention and will are conscious creation.

In our lives we choose what we desire, and then we act to manifest that desire by either using the law of attraction or directly creating. Then we also need to align with that choice and action. The ‘knowing’ we have been discussing is aligning with who we are, universal consciousness, but there is another kind of aligning that is also required in conscious creation. It is aligning with our choice and action. Many times we exhibit divergent alignment, never sure, always doubting, always questioning, and exhibiting cognitive dissonance. Divergent alignment with knowing the Self and divergent alignment with our choices and actions are the basic reasons intention and will do not produce manifestation. So the path to powerful creation for us is knowing, intention, will and aligning. This is knowledge of the Self, choosing, acting and going for it. All of this is alignment with universal consciousness.

Where does desire fit in with this understanding of the principles of knowing, intention and will? Universal desire is the wish to become more and expand bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being. Desire to experience bliss, creative expression and expansion is the reason for the primal movement of the absolute into relative manifestation. These are God’s nature. It is the reason universal consciousness expresses itself in trillions of forms. The negative understandings that have developed around desire result from misunderstanding and seeing desire as grasping. It is separation that causes grasping, lack and negative tendencies. And it is separation that makes us seek happiness in harmful and destructive activities and selfishness. Grasping develops, not because of desire, but because we seek to end the feeling of resistance in separation, and grasp endlessly at people, things and actions in dissonant, non-aligned ways, seeking relief. Pure desire is healthy and natural. Pure desire is alignment with God’s will. We can turn that into grasping when we are experiencing the resistance caused by separation from who we are. Addiction is grasping and distraction, not desire. For consciousness, the wish is to move into manifestation for the joy of expansion. All of the desires of universal consciousness manifest out of its nature to expand bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being. But even the struggle and suffering is part of the intention and will of universal consciousness as a means to presence divinity.

Let us look at the practical application of the principles of conscious creation in our life.

The 4 steps in conscious creation.

Creation and Manifestation

Step one: Knowing. Knowing is realization of who we are, so it is accomplished by removing that which separates us from experiencing our essential, authentic Self. Knowing is alignment with universal consciousness, intelligence and power. Most of us live with some degree of disconnection to our Self, our Source, so we must find that which connects us; mindfulness, meditation, a guru, other spiritual practices. These re-establish our knowing, our alignment and our realization of who we are. Re-establishing unity is unfolding our realization and alignment. It is our degree of knowing and connection that determines the amount of intelligence and power we are capable of accessing. The degree of knowing – connection – determines the degree of power that exists in our thoughts, words, and actions, and determines our capability to manifest what we desire.

Step two: Intention. As we saw earlier, intention is the purpose, direction, and outcome universal consciousness chooses in order to accomplish its goal of becoming more; more bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being. In our life we generally live a reactive life. We see a need or lack and react and form a desire. We lack money or need food and desire money and food. We are sick and we desire health.

In conscious creation we approach life with intention. We know we are bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being and we see these aspects as who we are. We see purpose in expanding these aspects, and as a result we create, attract and unfold within us all forms of these aspects. We establish our intention; purpose, direction and outcomes. Purpose is to manifest expanding bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being on all levels. Direction is seeing our existing intelligence, power and strengths (or those that can be developed) and using intelligence, power and strengths to determine our direction. We determine this by identifying our key competencies, what inspires us, what excites us, and what holds great expectation for us, and we recognize those as the current channels that are the most expanded and where the greatest intelligence and power is flowing with the least resistance. Outcomes are seeing and identifying the possibilities and pathways.

Step three: Will. Will is the power of conscious and deliberate action, with the purpose of moving intelligence and power into creation. We plan (intention), and then act, create and attract. Moving power into manifestation must be done within the parameters of our unique capabilities and strengths. In conscious creation there is ease and flow; the path of least resistance. And there is expansion, so we also see the next possibility, the next step, and the next expansion, step by step. Will is about moving power and intelligence into motion, into creation, into concrete reality. In will, we act through creating and attracting, so we are directly manifesting through the alignment of our self with universal consciousness and using the intelligence and power of the universe.

Step four: Align. We can never know all of the facts in any situation. We will never have all the answers. We simply must develop the connection to our intelligence and power, form our intention, exercise our will and align with it. This is our best; aligning with our intention and will.

When we form our intention, and will it to happen, we must go for it. We must align with our choices and courses of action or we will continually be diminishing and fragmenting our power. This does not mean we can’t change our mind if we see an even better choice, or we see that this choice and action isn’t in alignment with who we are. We always use our intelligence. It’s all about maintaining the greatest amount of intelligence and power in the situation. It’s about creating and maintaining momentum.

Conscious creation is universal consciousness, as us, focusing our intelligence and power, through vibration, into manifestation. Vibration manifests as feelings, thoughts, words or actions or material creation. It manifests what we desire through attracting it, creating it, evolving it, inventing it, or discovering it.

Part of the problem with living in reactive mode is that we are always coming to the solution holding the problem. We desire wealth knowing our lack. This creates the lack of alignment, divergent energy and limited power. In conscious creation we come to the solution by shifting our awareness to who we are and knowing our power and intelligence, bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being. We shift from reacting to responding. We desire wealth knowing our nature is abundance. We immerse ourselves in a new aligned vibration and knowingness. We choose and act from our nature of bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being. The basis for our approach changes from lack and need to universal power and intelligence. This shift allows our intelligence to form the most appropriate intention and move that intention into manifestation through will. This is an aligned approach. This is allowing the intelligence and power of our universal consciousness to consciously create, to manifest the full bliss, peace, fulfilment, abundance and well-being that is our nature through us.


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