Spiritual Transformation


The secret to peace and fulfillment lies in your ability to lead an authentic, connected life. You are a unique expression of consciousness and how you express, on every level, will be unique. You will never fit into a mold if you are being authentic. Authenticity requires connection and alignment with your true and deepest Self. This connection allows the full extent of intelligence and power to manifest. This means love, abundance, joy, and well-being, which are the essence of your nature, will flow and freely manifest in a unique way through you when you are in connection with your true self.

The authentic self is also called the soul. The innate essence and qualities of your authentic self are love, peace, joy, abundance, health and well-being. When you are connected to your authentic self, you can manifest these qualities. It is unresolved emotional content and conditioning that enshrouds and obscures your experience and access to your authentic self. The density of this unresolved emotional content is what keeps limiting beliefs in place. And it is conditioning that keeps you locked in an in-authentic image and expression. Every issue in your life can be traced back to your unresolved emotional density and conditioning. This density and conditioning create separation and separation creates suffering. This is separation from your authentic self and the result is separation from your essential intelligence, power, joy, abundance and wellbeing.

When you engage in the world through your authentic self, it informs all areas of your life. Everything in the manifest universe is spiritual. All of what you are and all of what you feel is spiritual energy. To experience true connection and to tap into and express love, peace, abundance, joy, and well-being, you must experience a spiritual transformation, an energetic transformation.

You remain disconnected from your true power and intelligence, disconnected from peace and fulfillment, because you create energetic, dissonant spiritual impressions within yourself. These are impressions of dense non-aligned energy; fear, sadness, unworthiness, anger, shame and many more. You refuse to feel and allow this energy to move through you and it becomes lodged within, cutting you off from the experience of your authentic self. These energetic blocks cause you to live with a sense of separation and make you feel limited and unworthy. These blocks also limit you from accessing your full power and intelligence. Your resistance and the accumulation of these energies cause your mind to run non-stop.

Some philosophies say that if you change your thoughts you will change your lives. Being aware of what you are thinking and the story you create has its value. Shifting to thoughts of appreciation and creating life supporting thoughts, words, and actions have great benefit. But every thought you have is colored and influenced by the energy and vibration that sits at a more fundamental, emotional, spiritual level, beneath the level of conscious thought. Your dissonant energetic impressions afflict every thought you create. You can try to shift or change a thought, but unless you transform the dense energetic spiritual impressions you hold, your mind will continually create thought forms colored by the limiting energy you hold at your core. True authentic transformation can only happen at an energetic, spiritual level.

The energy of a thought arises from pure consciousness, your authentic self, and should hold the full intelligence and power of pure consciousness. Your thoughts become weakened, dissonant, and colored by the dense impressions of fear, sadness, unworthiness, and shame as thoughts are formed. Simply trying to shift or change the thought, once it is formed, never allows for fundamental transformation to take place.

Spiritual, energetic, authentic transformation does two things; it allows you to access your full intelligence and power, and allows your pure creative intelligence to form feelings, thoughts, words and actions that manifest in the most life supporting and powerful manner.

True spiritual, energetic transformation comes through awareness, raising your spiritual frequency, allowing and accepting. You can release and allow the dissonant energies to be felt and flow out by bringing your awareness to them in a state of allowing. This is shining the light of awareness on what is your shadow, what is unconscious, what is hidden and ignored impressed within you. This is being in present moment awareness, without judgment. This means you must be willing to feel your sadness, unworthiness, anger, guilt and shame in a state of non-resistance and non-reactivity. You can also create energetic transformation through practices that raise your vibration to a higher level, such as meditation, sitting in presence, prayer, chanting, service and other practices. Another way to transform your energy is through association with people, places and things of a higher vibration, and this includes compassionate friends, sacred spaces, and most powerfully, being connected to teachers who are enlightened. Spiritual practices, especially meditation, raise vibration and allow you access to the hidden subconscious within.

It is this fundamental transformation of energy and vibration that is the source of expansion of consciousness and your experience of higher states of consciousness. Higher states of consciousness are your natural state and it is energetic transformation and purification of the unresolved impression within you that allow these states to naturally be experienced.

Allowing and accepting permits you to move out of resistance to ‘what is’ and move into the flow of life. They permit spiritual transformation to take place.

Whatever the method you chose for transformation, you must remember that true, lasting, fundamental change will only occur if you address your vibration and the impressions within yourself. Changing your energy and shifting your vibration to a higher frequency allows your thoughts to be more powerful and aligned, and connects you to your full intelligence and power. It expands your consciousness and allows access to your innate abundance, joy, and well-being. Changing your energy changes your experience, your state, and your life. Purifying the impressions within yourself allows your natural state of enlightenment to be revealed.

Authenticity and Acceptance


How many times have you done something when you really haven’t wanted to do it, or go somewhere you really didn’t want to go? How many times have you over-ridden your inner honesty? Have you ever ignored your true feelings and gone along or felt a deep codependency to be what others want you to be? And how many times have you felt unworthy and undeserving?

From day one you have been trained, pressured, conditioned and molded into what your society and others want you to be; being made fun of on the playground, being bullied if you were different, watching a friend being harassed or gossiped about for their uniqueness, seeing the media’s portrayal of the perfect look, the perfect clothing, the perfect wrinkle free face, the billboards, ads, and TV showing the rich and famous, being told you are less than or no good. It’s all leading you away from your authentic self. You want to fit in and not feel the pain of your emotions. You want to be loved and cherished. Your authenticity is limited by your beliefs, roles, conditioning, and stereotypes. You literally create a separate self, a created self, around all of these things and live in this limited, separate and in-authentic awareness.

When you look deeply into wanting to fit in, to wanting to be something different, something better than who you are in order to fit in and be accepted, to wanting to be loved and cherished, you see you are looking for it outside. When you look deeply you notice that you are looking for resolution of an internal feeling from an outside source in the desire for connection to your own love. You spend enormous amounts of your time seeking outside resolution, approval, and worth, or distracting yourselves from feeling these feelings.

And it’s exhausting. Authenticity is about connection. Even though you are always connected, your experience of it has become obscured, veiled. You feel separate and cut off from others, and you desperately seek to experience connection. What affects you most profoundly though is the loss of connection to yourself. You cannot experience the divinity in another and connection to another until you experience it within yourself. You cannot access your full intelligence and power until you access your authentic self. True authenticity starts with honesty. Honesty brings clarity, and clarity brings spontaneous, life supporting action. Honesty requires that you become mindful. Becoming mindful means slowing down and becoming aware; aware of that pain, that emotion, that sense of unworthiness, that fear. It takes great courage to feel all of that emotional content that has lodged itself within you. All the impressions, all of the dense energetic vortexes of fear, shame, unworthiness, and sadness are obscuring and veiling your connection to and experience of your authentic self. You must be honest about what you are feeling within. But this also opens you to feeling the peace, the love, the compassion and the fulfillment that lies within you. You will feel everything once you make the decision to go within.

As you move from honesty to clarity you see that everyone in your life is only playing the part you need them to play for your expansion. These moments are creating the circumstances that bring into your awareness whatever is incomplete and unresolved deep inside yourselves. Until you achieve resolution, you will continue to experience whatever will cause you to feel that which is unresolved. That which is unresolved begs for your attention and will continue to do so until it is seen, felt, accepted and allowed to move through. Expansion is gaining more awareness and it’s all inclusive. To live in authenticity you must bring awareness to what is calling to you from within. Then, energetically, that which is calling to you shifts. Awareness has great transformative power. There is nothing in the universe more powerful. Awareness is the light that dispels the darkness. That may sound metaphysical, but awareness literally has the power to change energy from contracted, low spiritual levels to expanded, high spiritual frequencies. And being in the presence of powerful spiritual catalyst, people, practices and places connected fully to love and holding the highest awareness, raises your spiritual frequency and expands your consciousness.

Authenticity is about transparency. When your subtle system is full of the spiritual dissonant energies of fear, sadness and unworthiness, you are unable to experience your authentic self. These energies limit or shroud the light of pure consciousness, the experience of witness consciousness, and the love, bliss, abundance and well-being that is the essence of the authentic self. It is this experience of your authentic self that is the source of spontaneous, life supporting action.

To live an authentic life you must love and accept all that you are in the present moment. It’s not about what you can become or what progress you are making at becoming something else. Acceptance is a key to authenticity. When the voices of unworthiness and the judgements of being incapable or unlovable end through acceptance, peace dawns. It is judgement that locks dissonant energies in place, and it is acceptance, allowing the emotions to be felt, increasing spiritual frequency, and awareness that release them. When you feel these emotions of judgement and unworthiness they are showing you what is calling to be looked at within you, what you must feel and accept. Allowing yourselves to be authentically the unique, brilliant expression of consciousness that you are is freedom.

When you are in resistance to what is and to who and what you are in this present moment, you suffer. Resistance expresses itself as 1) your grasping for something new, something else, something different or 2) pushing away that which you don’t want. This shows up as attachment to outcomes and aversion to what doesn’t fit into your concepts or plans. They are forms of resistance. Resistance disturbs the peace of the present moment, and all you ever have is the present moment. To be authentic, you must be in acceptance of what is and who you are. Acceptance ends reactivity, suffering, and victimhood. It allows you to feel and transform all the unresolved emotional within.

When you align with accepting who you are, as you are in this moment, you step into allowing your energy to flow and resistance to decrease. The more you try to be what others want you to be you suffer. Your humanity and uniqueness allow you a unique perspective on the world. That’s the real beauty of this expansion and evolution you are a part of.



Have you ever tried to change? Do you hold this image of the perfect person you have always wanted to be, but never quite achieved it? How many courses, techniques, and workshops have you attended to make that shift that will change everything?

Transformation begins with respecting what is inside you and connecting to that light, intelligence, power, and authentic self that lies within. Transformation is not about changing who and what you are. It is about embracing who and what you are exactly as you are. Authentic transformation begins with acceptance, connection, and self-love.

Fear, sadness, love, appreciation, shame, unworthiness, guilt and anger are emotions. They are active energies. Some emotions like love and appreciation are resonant, aligned energies. Emotions such as fear and unworthiness are dissonant, non-aligned energies. All energies have a resonant quality.

Love resonates with your higher self. Love is in alignment with the nature of your higher self. The energy of fear does not resonate with your authentic self. It is not in alignment with who you are at your core. So you tend to appreciate love and resist fear. When you resist a non-resonant emotion, when you repress, push away, or deny that energy, its movement through you stops. Resistance put on brakes on. This non-aligned, non-resonant energy becomes heavy and spiritually dense and most importantly, this energy becomes stuck. The spiritual frequency of these emotions, when resisted, is lowered and they become dense, non-aligned energies impressed within you. Their momentum is stopped and instead of feeling them and allowing them to pass through us, they become dense, dissonant vortexes of energy lodged within you.

These impressions are vibrating energies. Generally, most of you feel them and you continue to resist them. You distract yourself from them or try to shift your mind away from them. Sometimes you experience them slightly and sometimes you experience their full force and become emotionally overwhelmed by them. This idea of becoming aware of their presence within is actually a blessing as far as transformation is concerned because it is this ‘becoming aware’ that makes you cognizant of what needs your attention. If you are to experience authentic transformation, you must address these energies. If you change your energy, if you resolve and purify the dissonance within, you reveal the authentic Self.

Some traditions call this change purifying the impressions. Some call it spiritual transformation. Some call it releasing the samskaras. And some call it resonant energy work. What these all point to is that transformation is not about becoming someone else. It is about shifting from resistance to non-resistance, from dis-allowing to acceptance, from distraction to awareness. It is about allowing energies that are non-resonant to be seen, felt, accepted and moved through, to become unstuck and move out by shining the light of awareness on the shadow. It is about achieving a higher resonant spiritual frequency. This is changing your energy. What allows stuck, dense energy to move again and regain momentum to flow out? What allows energy to shift states and achieve a higher spiritual resonance? You can transform energy from two directions; from within and from without. From within, you do this through awareness and nonresistance, through mindfulness and connection, and through practices and techniques that raise your spiritual frequency. From without you do this through spiritual catalysts. All forms of authentic transformation are energetic, purifying and revealing. It is never about becoming something else, changing yourself or fixing flaws. It is always about resolving impressions and revealing your true Self.

First, look at a few of the major ways you change your energy from within. The first way is awareness and non-resistance. When awareness rests on something, it changes it. If resistance is holding dissonant energy in place, placing your awareness on the dissonant emotional energy and allowing yourselves to feel it in a state of non-resistance shifts the energy from a low vibration, dense, unmoving state to a higher spiritual frequency. It shifts it to a more expanded state that allows the energy to regain momentum. It once again becomes flowing energy that can be brought into awareness, accepted non-judgmentally, felt, and allowed to move out.

What are other ways to raise the frequency of your vibration and thus change your energy? This has many names and many slight variations; meditation, mindfulness, insight, being in presence, I am presence. This is about slowing down, quieting the mind, expanding the heart with love and compassion, experiencing your pure consciousness, your authentic self, your foundational awareness, your source, your divinity. Whether it is through meditating with a mantra, allowing your attention to rest on the breath, expanding love until it reaches its source, simply being in presence, you are immersing yourselves in the highest vibration of pure consciousness, pure being. This is mindful connection.

The reason spiritual practices have included chanting, meditation, selfless service, love, compassion, gratitude and appreciation, is because these raise your spiritual frequency. And raising your spiritual frequency changes your energy and creates resolution and purity. These connect you to your source, which is the highest frequency. You may call the effects of this spiritual work purification, releasing, transforming, surrendering, or many other names, but what is happening is that you are changing your energy so the impression become resolved revealing the true Self. When you raise your spiritual frequency, when you allow dissonant energies within to be transformed and move out, you change your life. Ultimately, this transformation is allowing you to simply be, to authentically be yourselves.

What can change your energy from without? When you walk through a ghetto, with crime, graffiti, and garbage, you experience a distinct feeling. This is you experiencing the spiritual frequency of the place. When you enter a sacred church, temple, mosque, or ashram, you also experience a certain feeling, a certain spiritual frequency. You are affected by the vibration that you are coming into contact with. Because you live in a spiritual universe, every person, place or thing in this world holds a specific spiritual frequency and all of them affect you.

That which makes you enthusiastic, makes you feel enlivened, fills you with joy, love, peace and connection raise your vibration. These things make you aware of your connection to your authentic Self, to your source and being. Anything that reminds you of your true, authentic divinity changes your energy. It can be nature, a crystal, incense, sacred oils, a photograph, home cooking, or the love of your life. Whatever allows you to feel your connection raises your vibration and transforms you. Any person, place or thing with a high spiritual frequency can positively shift your energy.

The ultimate source of spiritual, energetic transformation is to be in presence within, in silent connection to your source within, or be with someone who is in complete connection to presence, love and peace within themselves. Being in presence, in a state of experiencing pure consciousness, is the highest and most powerful spiritual state and it has the power to transform all states of energy into their highest and most life supporting state and frequency. This is why great beings, enlightened masters, priests, avatars, and gurus have been revered and followed for ages. Grace, the power of Self-revelation, is believed to flow through these great beings. When you come into contact with pure love, you begin to resonate on the level of pure love.

The basis of transformation


Have you ever struggled to change a habit? Have you ever tried to stop your mind from being judgmental or fearful? Have you tried to stop worrying, move out of feeling unworthy, or stop your mind from over-thinking? Why is this so difficult? Why are you generally unsuccessful doing it? To answer this, you are going to have to look at what the mind is and how it works.

You are, at your most fundamental level, pure consciousness, source, being, pure awareness, presence. Pure consciousness holds two aspects; intelligence and power. This is the source and energy of all that exists. The mind is a pulsation of consciousness, a pulsation of this intelligence and power. The mind goes through the process of creating a thought in stages. It gathers perceptions, recognizes and differentiates, classifies and explains, then it relates it to the outside world. Finally you experience this process as a conscious, fully formed thought. About 90% of what goes on is in your sub-conscious mind. You generally are not even aware of your process. Every thought and experience is energetically stored, impressed, within you as memory with a specific energy. There is a vibrational resonance to each memory or impression.

When there are dissonant, non-aligned, unresolved impressions actively vibrating within you, this has several effects. You experience them in your mind as fear, sadness, anger, unworthiness, shame or guilt. In the process of creating thoughts, every step the mind goes through is affected and colored by these vibrations. Your thoughts lose their power and intelligence as the process unfolds. This is bad enough, but because of the dissonance and limiting factors of these non-aligned impressions, you also experience separation from your authentic self, you believe that the story you have created is true, you believe in permanence and differences, and you judge. And 90% of this is unconscious. Your impressions veil the source of intelligence and power creating significant lack and limitation because it has cut you off from your full intelligence and power and caused you to experience separation from your authentic self. Without spiritually non-aligned density or impressions, the full intelligence and power of source energy, of pure consciousness, would flow through you and you would have unlimited resources to manifest the life you were created to have. And your thoughts would not be afflicted by dissonant emotions.

When you look to the sources of transformation, you see that societies, religion, philosophies and spiritual paths have approached this from just about every level. You have been given commandments and moral codes to follow to approach this from the level of action. You have been trained by parents, teachers and society how to speak correctly to approach this from the level of speech. You have created psychologies and philosophies to teach you how to control, shift, create, or reach for a higher feeling thought. So transformation had been approached through thoughts, words and actions. There can be value in all levels and approaches. Where do you need to look for authentic transformation?

Where does the real power of transformation rest? If the mind is going through a long, albeit quick, process to create thoughts, and every step of that process is affected by your dissonant impressions, then it is most effective to address that which fundamentally afflicts your mind with negative emotion and limits your intelligence and power. You can act morally, speak well, and try to shift your thoughts, but none of these address the cause of your lack and limitation, the cause of your inauthenticity and separation, and your emotional dissonance. The basis of transformation is spiritual, and the basis is at the level of addressing dissonant, non-aligned energies in the impressions within you. You must resolve unresolved emotional content and conditioning on a spiritual level. You must go to the emotional level beneath the mental level and spiritually transform the density, the impressions within you.

Peace and fulfillment


How much time and energy do you spend seeking peace and fulfillment outside of yourself?

Your reaction to feeling negative emotions in the mind is generally two-fold. You resist feeling them and you distract yourselves. The resistance locks them inside and the distraction creates its own effects. Resistance takes the form of attachment and aversion. Distraction takes the form of alcohol and drugs, gambling, sex, and over eating, just to name a few. Work, social media, TV, the internet, cell phones, and various addictions can also be distractions.

You are really seeking peace and fulfillment. And this you know comes from within, but you still spend the majority of your time seeking them outside yourself; in relationships, wealth, fame, power, looks, roles, achievements, and ‘likes’ on Facebook.

Being consciously connected to your authentic self, your pure consciousness, your presence within, allows for the unlimited intelligence and power of source to flow through you. It is your dissonant energetic impressions that limit this connection and separate you from your natural state of unity. They are the cause for all lack and limitation. They are the source of negative emotions and a racing mind. Authentic transformation only happens when these energies are addressed. Transform them and you transform lack to abundance, fear to love, and unworthiness to acceptance and self-love. This doesn’t mean life stops happening. But with transformation comes spaciousness. You gain synchronicity and the ability to respond and not react. You have a conscious connection to your authentic self. This is the fruit of authentic spiritual transformation.

Peace is an internal state of connection. It is fully accepting of all that is and is fully allowing of life to unfold. Peace is only available when resistance ends. Peace is the symptom of surrender. When you surrender to your destiny you align with the full power of the universe and move into an alignment that allows full receiving of all the universe wants you to have and all that supports your fullest and fastest expansion and evolution.

Fulfillment means that you thrive and realize your purpose and passion. Fulfillment can only be achieved when you thrive on all levels; body, mind, heart and soul. Your purpose and passion are realized when you discover your unique authenticity. When you transcend your inauthentic image and created self and move into the person you truly, authentically are, the Self, you discover what essentially makes you enthusiastic and happy, what brings you joy and expands you. In your connection you move into alignment with the power of the universe. You realize you are love, you are abundance, you are peace and you are well-being. You are no longer seeking fulfillment outside in an ever-changing world. You become peace and fulfillment, knowing your true self.