Courses – The Realization of Enlightenment

Talks and courses designed to support you in living an awakened life, provide clarity around the nature of God and Self, and present a full understanding of enlightenment.  All courses offered at no cost.


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Ending Our Struggles

A deeper understanding of the positive aspects of our self


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The essence of each one of us is 1) Love, 2) Peace, 3) Abundance, 4) Well-being and 5) Happiness. But we often experience hatred, anger, lack, struggle and sadness. In this teaching, we will gain a deeper understanding of the positive aspects of our Self, the struggles that we experience when we feel separate from those aspects, and the solutions to ending our suffering.

13 Days To Inner Peace

The Doorway to Realization

Inner peace is the doorway that allows the mind to rest and become reabsorbed back into consciousness, the Self, the source of the mind. Inner peace creates the circumstances that allow the realization of who you are.

The Highest Understanding of Reality

Remembering who you are

An expanded understanding of life releases you from limitations. In this teaching you will explore expanded understandings of your Self and the world around you.

Turia Meditation

The Journey Inward

Turia Meditation is profoundly natural and easeful and aligns you with who you fully are, your authentic essential Self. It supports all aspects of your body, mind, emotions and consciousness.

The Enlightenment Course


To live a full, powerful, expanded life it is necessary to consciously experience this level of your Being – this level of pure intelligence and existence.

Authentic Transformation

To Peace and Fulfillment

The secret to peace and fulfillment lies in your ability to lead an authentic, connected life.

Creation and Manifestation

Authentic Transformation

How does universal consciousness create? Through the Universal Consciousness principles of knowing, intention and will.

The Self

Understanding Yourself

Divine consciousness is within you. It has no beginning, middle or end. It pervades everywhere. It illumines the entire universe as well as you. The essential Self is Divine Intelligence and Power.

The Power of Prana

Tthe nature of consciousness

Prana is the nature of consciousness to manifest and create. Prana is the life force of creation, expansion and evolution.


A Teaching and a Practice

When you consciously allow your attention to rest on something you are making a decision to consume that thing, to become one with it and to resonate with it.

Translating Infinity

My Beloved

My beloved is beyond my mind’s ability to understand it. I am driven to know it for I feel Grace. Even my love cannot touch it.

Resolution of Suffering

Experience and Understanding

Resolution begins with experience and understanding. Resolution is a prerequisite for self-actualization.

A Talk on God

The Deepest Exploration of God

A Golden Life is available to all. In this video talk, you will explore the deepest understanding of God.