Our Immense Power

We take in the quality of whatever we place our attention upon. We impress that quality, that energy within us. The memory and vibration of what we place our attention upon, be it positive, neutral or negative, become part of us, affecting our state of consciousness and determining our peace or lack of peace. These impressions are the countless samskaras within us.

When we focus upon kind and peaceful people, places and things, when we place our attention on the true Self, God, mantra, love, nature, the breath, and stillness, we absorb their qualities.

Through attention, we also infuse both the atmosphere and that thing we are placing our attention upon with our energy. Our emotion, our deep feeling, infuses the object of our attention with life and power. It’s a two-way street. Whole hearted focus and attention impress the vibration within us and empower the object of our attention. Through our inner conviction and feeling we bring into being that which we focus upon. We give it life and become it.

Attention to and feelings of unworthiness, negativity, resistance and lack create a stance that undermines our spiritual growth and enlivens the insufficiency and dissonance within us.

Attention to and feelings of God within us, the true Self and oneness create a stance and energy that accelerate our spiritual revelation. A positive feeling focused upon God can make God experientially real. With this feeling and attention, purity pervades the heart and ego dissolves. The restlessness of the senses stops. The mind becomes quiet. Through attention on the highest, we absorb the highest and reveal That within us.

In this way we identify with and become what we rest our attention upon. That can be love or hate, acceptance or resistance, peace or war. We make this decision throughout our day. What program are we watching on TV? Is it frightening, violent, expanding, uplifting? Whatever it is, that is what we are impressing within us and that is what we are becoming. What are we putting our attention upon when we have free time? Is it meditation, social media, pornography, repetition of a mantra, alcohol, selfless service? How do we regard people? Do we see their faults or their divinity? Some may be positive, some neutral and some negative, but it is what we become. This attention is our immense power, our choice, our determinant.

Attention is focused awareness and awareness is the creative power of the universe. With our attention, we choose what we become; happy or depressed, one with God and Self or lost in the chaos of a monkey mind. This is why we meditate, act compassionately, repeat our mantra and remember God. This is why time, choice and attention are so valuable.



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