Hide and Seek: The Power of Awareness

Chapter Seventeen

When Things Go Wrong

Our actions originate from our thoughts. Begin by examining our thoughts closely. Pause and contemplate what’s influencing our mind and life. Is our thought process healthy, nurturing, and supportive of life? If it’s positive, nurture and expand it. If it’s negative, redirect our energy away from it, allowing it to dissolve and not receive any power from our attention. Let our future actions be born from positive, selfless thoughts.

Embrace Responsibility:

Our lives are the culmination of all the thoughts and actions we have created. We possess the intelligence and energy needed to shape our own lives. Our thoughts and actions are our responsibility. Our life is our own creation, and accepting this truth empowers us to take control.

Release Attachment to the Past:

Clinging to past wrongdoings or reliving traumatic events limit our ability to create a healthy and evolving future. Stay rooted in the present, focusing on positivity and what supports our personal growth. Let the past go.

Listen to Our Conscience:

Conscience manifests in various ways, sometimes as a sense of guilt or as echoes of lessons taught by our parents. Often, it speaks through others, be it a friend, partner, boss, or even a stranger in a particular situation. Pay attention and recognize that our conscience serves as a fine intuition, always offering clarity and grace if we’re open to receiving it. Assess how it feels; don’t reject criticism, advice, or instruction. Reflect on what we hear and feel its energy. While it may be uncomfortable when our ego is being challenged, embrace the energy of expansion and virtue while rejecting the opposite.

Exercise Discipline:

In times of adversity, regain control over ourselves. This is not about someone else; it is solely about us. Check our senses and the pleasures we seek. Scrutinize our habits and established routines. Examine our feelings and emotional responses. Monitor our thoughts, particularly our reactions, judgments, attachments, and aversions. This isn’t about external factors; it’s about us and our choices. Avoid falling prey to negative habits, victimhood and the impressions of past actions. Select beneficial over pleasurable. Be disciplined and behave.

Devote Ourselves to the Highest:

Consistently focus our attention on what we regard as the highest ideal. Keep our thoughts, words, and actions focused on and aligned with the highest. This alignment ensures that every action we take is in harmony with our highest values and leads us towards our loftiest goals. Believing in goodness, righteousness, or compassion isn’t enough; practice them, make them our own and integrate them into our life. Become them.

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