Hide and Seek: The Power of Awareness

Chapter Nineteen

The Power of Recognition

When we consciously direct our attention towards something, we are, in essence, making a profound decision to not only allow our senses to engage with that thing but also to assimilate it into our being, align with its essence, and etch it deep within ourselves. We consume it and then live with it. We subtly identify as it.

Recognition is not merely a cognitive process; it’s an energetic dance within our mind and nervous system. When we recognize something, we are essentially recreating that experience internally, both emotionally and mentally. As a deliberate practice or technique, when we permit what we are recognizing to reverberate within our minds, allowing it to wholly occupy our mental space, we activate the vibration associated with that specific element. This, in turn, initiates a resonance with that particular vibration. In essence, we fill ourselves with its energy and synchronize with its frequency. We self-generate, to some extent, with what we form recognition with.

When we engage in recognizing joy, abundance, well-being, peace, or love – the fundamental aspects of the Self – we are activating and infusing our inner world with their vibrations and energies. By recognizing these core facets of the Self in our immediate experiences, we inscribe these elevated vibrations as impressions within ourselves. This elevation subsequently raises our own vibrational frequency, enhancing our overall experience and expanding our consciousness.

Throughout our day, we continually immerse ourselves in particular vibrational frequencies. If we consistently immerse ourselves in negative recognitions and recollections, we become saturated with negative energy. Conversely, by embracing positive recognitions and memories, we saturate ourselves with positive energy.

Consciously selecting the vibrations that align with our Self and cultivating our internal atmosphere with these vibrations accelerates our personal transformation in the most positive manner imaginable. Through consistent practice of this elevated form of recognition, we dwell in the realm of the highest vibrational reality.

In life, it is the energy frequency that determines the outcomes we experience. Vibrations wield the power to shape these outcomes. When we steep ourselves in the highest vibrations inherent to the core aspects of our true Self, we pre-set the course for the most elevated outcomes in our lives and create a new inner atmosphere. Our intentions and actions resonate with these chosen vibrations, fostering alignment. Rather than being at the mercy of and reacting to the mix of dissonant and resonant experiences in our inner and outer world, we can take charge through recognition and be the master of our minds.

In the grand scheme of karma, we often misconstrue its concept. It essentially boils down to the notion that we reap what we sow. Generally, our thoughts, words, and actions go out into the universe and return to us at some distant point. Specifically, the mechanics are slightly different. When we think, speak, or act, we engrave that energetic impulse within our nervous system as an impression. This impression carries a unique resonance, a magnetic quality. Our internal environment, an amalgamation of all our internal impressions, magnetically attracts energy of a similar nature. Specific vibrations associated with particular actions will magnetically draw corresponding responses.

The return of karma, produced by the effects of our impressions, is what we are experiencing within. We live in this energy. What we have impressed within is constantly returning its vibration, as dissonance or resonance, to us in the form of our emotional experience, our feelings and the peace or chaos of our mind. That inward experience is reflected outwardly as our life.

Hence, the genesis of individual karmic responses is rooted in these impressions within us. It is incumbent upon us to forge the highest impressions, constructing the most elevated vibrational internal environment and individual impressions. Consistent and repetitive practice of recognition serves to reestablish our connection with the Self, solidifying our foothold in the realm of Self-realization. Each act of recognition imprints these energies and memories within us and creates an internal environment with the highest resonance. With the practice of recognition, we can create peace of mind.

Recognition of the core aspects of the Self anchors us in the understanding and experience that these facets of the Self are inherently Self-sustained and Self-generated. They do not hinge on external people, places, circumstances, or events to manifest. This realization liberates us from the grip of external conditions dictating our inner states of joy, abundance, well-being, peace, and love.

Embracing these aspects through recognition is the gateway to an enriched and Self-sustained inner world, fostering a higher vibrational existence in the tapestry of life.


Joy, it seems, often intertwines with the fulfillment of desires, the recognition of pleasant experiences, or the embrace of sensory pleasures. We’ve habitually linked joy to external stimuli. However, we must dispel this notion, for there exists no inherent joy in external entities or experiences. Joy, in its purest form, is the intrinsic essence of the Self, accessible only through the experience of the Self. An external experience does have the power to stimulate or trigger realization of the Self, but the actual experience of joy lies in the experience of the Self. Joy is an inherent quality of the true Self.

Joy, unconditionally, springs from within the Self. Every instance of joy we encounter emerges when we are in communion with the Self, our very consciousness. It is never a product of desire fulfillment or any external experience. External elements merely serve as focal points and catalysts to unveil the joy inherent within. So, why do we persist in attributing joy to acquisition or experiencing external stimuli?

Our minds are incessantly grasping for more, perpetually chasing desires, and relentlessly seeking external fulfillment. This perpetual quest results in a constant state of resistance to the present moment, leaving us in a state of mild to severe dissatisfaction. Our minds remain restless and unpeaceful, ceaselessly yearning. However, when we do manage to fulfill a desire or revel in a pleasant sensory experience, our minds temporarily find solace, release their grasping, and relinquish dissatisfaction. In this state of mental calmness, we become receptive to experiencing the Self. As joy is the inherent nature of the Self, we experience it when the resistance subsides.

Even the joy and love we derive from relationships are, at their core, Self-generated. Others serve as catalysts, allowing our minds, in their ceaseless fluctuation, to momentarily relax and go within.

The pitfall of linking joy to desire fulfillment or sensory experiences lies in its ephemeral nature. The joy we derive from obtaining a new pair of shoes, for instance, is fleeting. It dissipates quickly, leaving us yearning for the next acquisition. The sole enduring source of joy is the Self, but our relentless and resistant minds often obscure its accessibility.

The joy we experience from material acquisitions merely scratches the surface of the profound bliss attainable through direct communion with the Self. Herein lies the significance of meditation and interior practices. They train our minds to journey inward, offering a glimpse of the Self, or at the very least, a state of mental serenity.

The task at hand involves recognizing joy in our everyday lives and understanding its true source, causality, and conditions. Throughout the day, we may sense joy welling up when desires are fulfilled, when our children tidy their rooms, when our partner compliments our appearance, upon receiving a promotion, acquiring a new home or car, planning a trip, hearing positive medical news, indulging in intimate moments, enjoying a restful night’s sleep, or receiving a perfect haircut.

Our conditioning often leads us to attribute this joy to external events or experiences, yet this is a fallacious assumption. These events, experiences, and things merely serve as conduits to release mental turmoil, quiet the mind, and reveal the inherent bliss of the Self. Recognizing this truth allows us to understand life at a deeper level, tapping into the authentic source of joy. This realization empowers us to expand our experience of joy by creating the necessary conditions and connections to the Self.

  • Acknowledge every instance of joy and expand upon it, tracing it back to its source.
  • Realize that joy originates within us, not outside of us.
  • Recognize that joy arises as mental resistance dissipates, accompanied by softening and reduced grasping.
  • Understand that joy stemming from desire fulfillment, memory, or sensory experiences is transient and not the true source of lasting, profound joy.
  • Realize that a quieted mind allows us to experience the Self, the genuine source of all joy.
  • Continuously practice and reinforce this understanding while adopting habits that support inner joy.


In the pursuit of success, we’ve been instilled with the belief that hard work is the key. Undeniably, there’s merit in this notion, but hard work merely scratches the surface of life’s power. True abundance flows from the deep wellspring of the Self – a reservoir teeming with intelligence and energy. It is from this wellspring that inspiration, expansion, creativity, enthusiasm, clarity, and manifestation emanate. Hard work, by contrast, stems from the physical and mental realms, but these are not the realms of the greatest power. Abundance, in all its myriad forms, truly flourishes when we establish a profound connection with the Self – the most profound, most powerful level of existence.

When we find ourselves in harmony with the intricate laws of nature, our thoughts, words, and actions are bolstered by the unerring support of the universe. Each endeavor we embark upon is imbued with profound impact and results. Alignment, in essence, operates on a vibrational plane. We can attune ourselves to the vibration of scarcity and limitation or align with the frequency of abundance and the laws of nature. This alignment, ultimately, determines the outcomes we attract, for what we align with molds our destiny.

Life, by its very design, is poised to usher forth abundance. Prana, the life force itself, is intrinsically inclined to create and bring manifestations into being. However, the influx of abundance can be stifled when we resist this natural flow. This resistance takes the form of grasping and repelling, attachment and aversion. Herein lies the value of acceptance, allowing, and surrender. These practices pave the way for the unhindered flow of life force, the wellspring of abundance. They grant us access to the abundant realm, aligning our existence with its bounty.

The strata of power within life differ markedly. The atomic level, for instance, dwarfs the power of the surface, the physical plane. An atomic bomb eclipses the might of mere fire. Moreover, emotions imbue objects and actions with remarkable potency when they are charged with intense feelings. Life’s potency, at its core, unfolds across four distinctive levels: the physical, superficial level; the mental level; the emotional level; and the Self – the nucleus of all power. Each level resonates at a particular vibrational frequency, with the physical registering the lowest and the Self resonating at the highest. As we delve deeper into our inner realms, we scale the vibrational and energy ladder, accessing more profound sources of power for creation and manifestation.

In every fleeting moment, life extends a multitude of possibilities. Yet, when we reside in the realms of scarcity and limitation, we inhabit a constricted and narrow consciousness. This cramped perspective not only blinds us to potential opportunities but also prevents us from seizing them and crafting a greater reality. Contrastingly, a life led in high vibrational harmony and expanded awareness unveils the hidden potential within every situation. Such a life acts like a magnet, attracting all that is required to transmute possibilities into tangible realities.

Power and awareness unfurl across four levels, originating from the spiritual core of the Self and cascading through the emotional and mental domains before finally manifesting in the physical world. However, many of us drift through our days on autopilot, giving little thought to the source of our power. During work hours, we often rely on a limited range of power levels, typically the physical and mental realms. When we lose touch with our authentic Self, we unwittingly obscure our most potent source of power.

To maximize the manifestation of abundance, one must recognize that all four levels are indispensable. An individual might boast exceptional emotional creativity but struggle to formulate a coherent mental plan to optimize this creativity or lack the physical means to execute it. Alternatively, a person might possess remarkable physical prowess but remain unable to tap into their creative potential. Even a visionary CEO with an innovative plan can falter without a deep connection to the Self. To truly unlock optimal abundance, conscious access to the Self and equilibrium across all four levels are paramount.

  • Identify the primary level at which we predominantly operate – whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
  • Acknowledge that harnessing power across all four levels yields the most profound results.
  • Recognize that conscious experience of all levels is essential when overcoming our tendency to function habitually.
  • Understand that when we are attuned to our Self, we gain access to enhanced power, creativity, possibilities, and alignment.
  • Discern and adopt practices, focus, and actions that foster the untapped potential within each level, expanding the manifestation of abundance.


At the core of existence lies “being” – the foundational pillar upon which all of life rests. This essence is consciousness, awareness. Well-being signifies the unfaltering support and thriving of everything birthed from life’s wellspring. Thriving, in its truest sense, exhibits the highest potential on every conceivable level.

Thriving finds its lifeblood in the ceaseless currents of flow and momentum. In the realm of stagnation, where life remains static, entropy casts its shadow, hastening deterioration. Much like an abandoned house that rapidly succumbs to decay, static existence fares no better. Lethargy and uninspired inertia do not mirror life’s intrinsic essence; rather, they represent its antithesis. Our innate nature is one of dynamic creativity, and it is within this flow that we find well-being. Conversely, veering away from this flow brings stagnation and decay in its wake.

Operating from a place riddled with excess conditioning, resistance, fear, lack, and unresolved emotions dims our vibrational frequency, constricts our consciousness, and impedes our capacity to thrive. The pinnacle of wellness across all four levels can only be attained when we are attuned to the creative intelligence of consciousness in its rhythmic flow.

Momentum and resistance share an inversely proportional relationship. Resistance’s presence is directly correlated with a dip in momentum and vibrational frequency. Conversely, fostering connection, acceptance, and allowance bolsters momentum, elevates vibrational frequency, and enhances flow.

Well-being mirrors the dynamism of a river – a dynamic, harmonious force propelling us toward the boundless ocean of potential. Expansion, manifested through the pulsation of consciousness, fuels life’s onward journey. This pulsation, marked by momentum and flow, propels life into its optimum state of function and ultimate well-being. It represents the innate essence of thriving, forever surging within every moment as impulses of creative intelligence.

Well-being is the natural course of life, for life’s very nature is to flourish. To thrive, we must harmonize with life’s flow and momentum. This demands authenticity in our actions, a resonance with our purpose. One inclined toward teaching will not find their stride as a mechanical engineer. To be in flow, one must resonate with their role, aligning their expression with their unique personality within this vast cosmic creation.

While everyone shares a true Self rooted in consciousness, each person’s personality is uniquely distinct. In a sense, one’s name, form and attributes reflect the unique expression of the creative intelligence of consciousness as personality. This is not the true Self which is unmanifest and changeless. It is the outward apparent expression of our uniqueness that is manifest and evolving.

Discovering our personality beckons us to identify what truly excites, engages, and enthuses us. Our interests, enthusiasm, and passions are the compass guiding us toward our purpose and intrinsic nature. This principle applies not solely to our careers but permeates every facet of our lives. Some may be naturally introverted, while others crave companionship. Some aspire to fame and influence, while others yearn for simplicity. Through our unique personalities, each individual channels love and compassion into the world. But balance is essential. We can be excessively locked into the physical world and ignore the spiritual world. We can be totally focused on our emotions while ignoring the mind and its intellect. Yes, we have unique personalities and that creates tendencies, but balance supports well-being.

To realize well-being in its entirety, we must activate and synchronize all aspects of ourselves – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. On the spiritual plane, well-being unfurls as we establish a profound connection with the Self. Emotionally, it emerges when we resolve inner conflicts and ignite enthusiasm. On a mental level, well-being materializes as we deeply comprehend, create, and innovate. Finally, physical well-being emerges when we translate the achievements of the prior three levels into tangible, compassionate actions.

  • Practice techniques and be with mentors that help us reveal our inner Self, cultivating a daily connection to facilitate personal growth.
  • Recognize our excitement, enthusiasm, and interests as compass points guided by our personality.
  • Acknowledge that life’s support and our personal power are most potent when all four levels of our being are harmoniously activated in alignment with our personality, purpose, and nature.
  • Understand that the maximum expansion of well-being occurs in states of optimal momentum and flow. Remove resistance to bolster these aspects.
  • Recognize that the Self, as the source of creative intelligence and power, is the driving force of our life’s flow.


In the journey of life, we often find ourselves locked in an unspoken battle, resisting the very essence of existence. This resistance, this refusal to embrace ‘what is,’ steers us away from the path life intends for us, causing us to miss opportunities and avoid possibilities. This internal war with life leads us down a path of disconnection and dissonance. It is born of the belief that the world is scarce, and that we, in our core, are inadequate or unworthy. Peace, on the contrary, emerges from understanding that life will unfailingly provide the perfect people, circumstances, and opportunities needed for our evolution and well-being. Peace is the offspring of connection, authenticity, and acceptance. Peace allows us to receive.

Within every moment, we are granted a choice: to sow the seeds of discord or align ourselves with peace. Interestingly, peace does not require creation, for it resides within the very fabric of life’s essence. It is an intrinsic aspect of the Self, a reservoir of completeness and knowledge that exudes tranquility.

Peace stands in direct contrast to the concept of struggle. Struggle engulfs us when we resist life’s offerings, when we fail to open our hearts to receive. Our tendency to compare our lives with others’ or judge our circumstances as inadequate is a breeding ground for struggle. Realizing that our present moment is precisely where we are meant to be, alongside the people we are meant to be with, engaging in the situations necessary for our expansion, liberates us and allows us to bear witness to life’s unfolding. This does not imply that we should not seek change at certain points, but rather, it encourages us to recognize that our expansion is being orchestrated by our life, as it is, to foster our optimal growth. ‘What is’ is our starting point.

One of the most formidable adversaries of peace is attachment to outcomes. This attachment constrains the boundless potential that life holds for us. We often believe that our happiness hinges on the fulfillment of our desires and become fixated on particular outcomes. When we succumb to this attachment, we resist life and disrupt our peace. Control is another facet of attachment; attempting to harness life instead of surrendering to its flow limits possibilities and erects barriers to peace. To embrace peace, we must surrender to life’s natural course, aligning ourselves with its rhythm and basking in the tranquility woven into life’s very fabric.

We may not always be conscious of the extent to which we wage war against life, resist ‘what is,’ or cling to outcomes. At times, this resistance becomes so ingrained in our daily lives that it forms the basis of our existence. Since peace is an integral part of life’s essence, resistance and attachment preclude us from experiencing it fully.

As life constantly unfolds and expands, any divergence from this natural flow leaves us feeling uncomfortable and unsatisfied. A persistent yearning for something else keeps us perpetually seeking, yet never finding, true peace. Peace is internal, not dependent upon outer circumstances.

Acknowledge moments when we perceive life as less than perfect. In such instances, we may find ourselves reacting with resistance, reaching for something different or pushing away the present. Cultivate acceptance.

  • Understand that life is perpetually in motion, constantly expanding. Our alignment with this flow brings peace.
  • Realize that peace is an internal experience and that we can discover it by connecting with our inner Self.
  • Identify outcomes to which we are attached, and examine how this attachment affects our peace of mind.
  • Comprehend that a tranquil mind devoid of resistance leads to an experience of the peace inherent in the Self. This peace is ever-present.
  • Understand that we have the mindful choice to either remain in resistance or we can accept and embrace the flow of life, then act to create what is resonant.


When our pure awareness wishes to create, it is as an impulse of the creative intelligence of consciousness. This is an impulse of bliss and love – the fundamental movement of unified life. Love constitutes the essential heartbeat of existence.

Whenever we find love in another being, it is, fundamentally, an internal experience – a triggering of the Self as love. Every instance of love we encounter is a glimpse into our essential nature. It is a recognition of the diminishing separation and a deepening experience of unity. This phenomenon embodies the reason we seek to love others, why we invest wholeheartedly in someone or something, or why we feel unconditional love for our pets. These entities possess the power to momentarily dissolve the walls of separation within us.

The experience of pure love, as an aspect of the Self, transcends what most can fathom. In pure love, unity flourishes, and separation becomes an impossibility. It extends beyond the grasp of the human mind because it arises from the source of mind; consciousness. It is independent, relying on nothing external. It constitutes the subtlest and most refined emotion at the finest level of relative existence, the original creative movement of life, fully contained within the Self.

Life, as it journeys into creation, saturates every level with love. Love forms the emotional bedrock that sustains life. It is what we seek in our yearning for acceptance, in our desire for relationships, in our quest for worth. Ultimately, it all comes down to the quest for reunion with the true Self and the wholeness that it embodies as love.

  • Recognize that our fundamental drive for life is the return to love and wholeness. All our endeavors revolve around this core pursuit, be it in our relationships, desires, expectations, actions, or goals.
  • Understand that what we seek is the Self, pure love. Our perpetual endeavor is to journey from separation to unity, from resistance to acceptance, from dissonance to resonance, and from fear to love.
  • Recognize that love can be traced back to its origin. Identify moments when we experience love and consciously follow its path back to its source – the pure consciousness that is the true Self.
  • Recognize that universal love can focus, and we can act as the conduit for love in the world, extending love towards others in general, one person in particular or the world itself.
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